Why Spending Money on Google

Why Spending Money on Google Isn’t Working for Your Business

When you have better options then why spending money on Google?

Why Spending Money on Facebook

Why Spending Money on Facebook not Working for your Business

Switch to a system that utilizes Facebook properly, gives your posts the best engagement. When you have better option then why spending money on Facebook?

How to Properly Angle Limited Time Offers

How to Properly Angle Limited Time Offers

Ever have a limited-time offer that hardly generated sales? Unless you know how to angle these offers, few customers will bite the bait.

Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing is Dying a Slow Death

Due to high competition from other brands and the likely probability that their efforts land in the spam box, email marketing is barely hanging on.

Alternative to email marketing

A Better Alternative to Email Marketing

TapToBook delivers real results that are progressive, trackable, and affordable. Considered as a better alternative to email marketing by many businesses.

increase revenue with TaptoBook

Increase Revenue with TapToBook

Start to increase revenue with TapToBook. It’s the leanest tool that delivers real results through intelligent campaigns and can be used to improve profits immediately.

using Tools and technology to grow business

Using Tools & Technology to Grow Business

Businesses with growth and expansion in mind should always look toward using advanced tools to assist in their ongoing development.

Ace and Funnel Consultation Clients

Acing & Funneling Consultation Clients

Consultations essentially allow businesses to get their foot in the door during a client’s purchasing phase

Tips for Keeping employees happy

Elevating the Workplace Environment

Have you noticed your employees are a bit sluggish, moody, or perhaps irritable? Here are 8 tips for keeping employees happy.

Power of engagement

The Power of Engagement

Every online tool wants to help businesses build more sales and generate revenue, however, few position themselves as a true engagement platform.