Portable Chat can Double Conversion Rate

Portable Chat can Double Conversion Rate

Are you frustrated with not being able to convert new website visitors that come from Facebook and Google ads? Not understanding why? It’s probably because your business don’t have a good conversion tool employed. While you may be aware of online tools like Facebook and Google you may not be aware of their weakness. These are great for gaining brand exposure and driving traffic, however, they do not guide the user through every step. Meaning that users are more likely to abandon their cart and lose interest due to lack of direction and guidance. Brands are expected to assume the responsibility for converting these individuals. That is because these platforms just drop off users at pre-designated landing pages the brand picks, sometimes they just drop users off at the brand’s homepage which causes confusion and hard-bounces. This can be daunting on businesses who would need to get their website redesigned to accommodate capturing these users. Businesses can employ a tool that does this work for them without having to restructure their site by using our Portable Chat. Portable Chat can double conversion rate by allowing businesses to initiate conversations in a private manner whether online or directly from the database. TapToBook’s Portable Chat is a unique tool that sticks with consumers and guides them to conversion. Our Chat allows brands to converse with consumers in real-time and ask the customers questions to proactively find ways to engage them and convert them from a potential lead into a paying customer. This alone provides boosted ROI for businesses using Portable Chat since it is so cost-effective. Our Chat feature is also great for offering “come back” campaigns to existing customers who have been away for some time, as well as, targeting a wider range of clients who can be segmented into specific groups. With TapToBook businesses can offer highly relevant campaigns by learning what the user wants. This interaction allows the brand to position itself better in the consumer’s eyes which creates an environment that is more likely to be successful and end in a conversion.

With Portable Chat you’ll never have to worry about losing a connection from the minute they (or you) begin a conversation you can follow them from their desktop to wherever they go with their mobile. Retaining these conversations is important to fluidly complete a conversion rather than letting a sale slip through. This unique feature, no other chat service on the market offers, saves your brand time from having to start all over with a client. Not only that, our Portable Chat comes with built-in note-taking capabilities that are dated and time-stamped, as well as, completely editable. Which makes keeping track of clients and their specific needs or complaints easy. Our tool is simple and requires no learning curb to begin benefiting from it. Employees can even multi-task and handle more than one chat at a time. With TapToBook’s Portable Chat conversions double even triple and businesses gain yet another viable revenue channel. We show a quick info-graphic summarizing the features our Portable Chat has to offer brands.

Portable Chat can double conversion rate Infographic

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