Portable Chat as a Converter & Customer Service Tool

Portable Chat as a Converter & Customer Service Tool

Converting on the spot with Portable Chat is easy because ours was designed for it. TapToBook’s Portable Chat can do so much more than convert potential leads into paying customers, it was designed to also be used as an instant customer service tool.

Converting new clients is crucial but so is keeping them happy. Customers can provide insightful information about issues and concerns which when resolved can lead to new innovative services and offerings or policy changes. This is extremely valuable data that should be collected and analyzed. Employing TapToBook’s Portable Chat is a sure-fire way to gain these understandings and use them to further convert others.

How It Works:

TapToBook’s Portable Chat is integrated for every partner and usable for any industry. Our Portable Chat allows brands to reach out to clients first, fix issues immediately, and/or offer exclusive perks. TapToBook’s Portable Chat is perfect for helping clients book a last-minute appointment, fill vacant slots, offer one-time only discounts, or privately handle disgruntled clients.

Consumers are notified once they open the brand’s website, click on their services, or open a campaign that they can speak to a brand representative conveniently and immediately through Portable Chat. Many consumers and businesses see the benefits that this service can provide in terms of speedy support and purchasing opportunities. Businesses who use Portable Chat often train their staff to handle customer service requests and turn questions or complaints into purchases. This system can help businesses add another revenue capturing channel to their existing strategies.

We’ll share three common scenarios which show Portable Chat as an effective tool:

Scenario 1:

A user visits a brand’s website: they are curious about the brand’s offering and services and are comparing the business to similar brands in the area to decide on which service provider they will choose. Businesses with TapToBook’s Portable Chat integrated onto their website can initiate a conversation with new web visitors. By doing this, a brand can ask why the customers they are there, if they need any help or information, and notify them of the brand’s unique qualities and valuable services. Here is where staff can offer first-time client promotions, create unique booking opportunities, and proactively sell services or products. This enables brands who use Portable Chat to obtain revenue from web visitors and convert potential leads in a frictionless manner.

Scenario 2:

A user clicks on a campaign but is either unable to meet the redemption period or has general questions about the offer. Here is where potential customers can strike a Portable Chat conversation with the brand through either desktop/laptop, text, mobile browser, or in our TapToBook app. This is when the brand can begin conversing with the user about details, alterations to the offer, or flexible bookings – of course, with company policy in mind. This action with Portable Chat allows brands to reduce cart abandonment and increase their conversions while providing customer service support.

Scenario 3:

A consumer has a complaint about the brand. Rather than letting clients place bad reviews online which can hurt the image of the brand and/or cause potential leads to turn elsewhere, brands can reach out to dissatisfied customers and try to resolve the issue. This comes in handy if the problem is minor and easily remediable. Portable Chat can offer brands a strengthened customer service tool that private engages the client in a one-on-one setting and even provide appeasements to the client to soften their view and ease them. Our Chat does this and more by enabling capabilities to write client-specific notes for the brand to keep track of for future reference. This can help with training and provide guidance for future issues.

Unless partnered with TapToBook, businesses cannot offer the same real-time qualitative chat support as Portable Chat which can seamlessly travel with potential leads from desktop to mobile without losing any interaction or information. Not only that, other chat services on the market are quite static and do not allow the flexibility TapToBook can. To reap more profits off web traffic and convert new, on-the-fence, or upset clients, TapToBook’s Portable Chat is the best solution.

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