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What are the most important questions businesses can ask themselves? It is usually along the lines of “how can my business gain more revenue?” or “What should my business do to gain attention, drive website traffic, and get new clients?”. Both aim to resolve a core issue – weak conversion rates. All businesses from time to time suffer from lackluster conversion, some experience it seasonally – however, everyone can bounce back from this. How? By using an engaging tool meant to keep up with the digital era.

Businesses (thankfully) have jumped on the digital bandwagon and have begun to modernize and upgrade their offerings and service to meet the needs of clients in person and online. Getting online has proved to be a successful venture for thousands of brands – some entrepreneurs are even launching their brand digitally before they even obtain a physical store. Nonetheless, this equates growing competition which drives businesses to seek online marketing tools to help them stand out.

Not Every Online Tool Will Complete the Job:

Businesses invest a lot of time and money on marketing channels like Google and Facebook, all in the hopes of driving new customers to their website and creating more conversions, however, while these channels give exposure to brands, they can hardly complete conversions. New visitors arriving on a page through these channels will normally abandon their cart as average conversion rates for these channels are only 1-3%. That is because Google and Facebook work like a recruiter, they gather people who take an interest in a brand’s ad and funnels them directly to whatever landing page the brand wanted these users to go to. While this is great in theory, in application users usually get sent to either the brand’s homepage or specific product page with no direction for the next step or call to action. Any marketing team could see the issue there: Lack of guidance is leading users to leave the page and return to their search or social newsfeed.

So, what if businesses could take advantage of the recruiting capabilities of Facebook and Google and supplement them with a converting machine? TapToBook offers this exact solution which allows brands to retain their paid Google and Facebook investments instead of throwing them away.

The Supplement: Portable Chat:

Businesses that prepare for new web visitors are more likely to convert them into paying customers. When brands do have their attention, they understand it won’t last long. Which is why taking an initiative and starting a conversation to learn why they’re on the site will not only catch them off guard but will also humanize the brand and kick-start the process to building a relationship with the customer.

Businesses can do this by using TapToBook’s Portable Chat, a special feature which allows for instantaneous two-way communication between clients and brands in real-time. Hundreds of brands have chosen to use Portable Chat as a relationship-building tool and conversion solution. How? Portable Chat enables brands to initiate a conversation with web visitors and answer any questions they may have. Businesses who use Portable Chat can provide personalized responses, campaigns, and offers in a one-on-one setting. “But, what if they walk away from their computer or run an errand?” No worries, TapToBook’s Portable Chat goes right with them. Portable Chat gives a brand’s team the ability to respond to a customer’s question whenever which customers receive via text notification embedded with a link to an instant-messaging window that allows them to pick up the conversation exactly where it left off.

If that’s not enough, TapToBook’s “Portable Chat” goes way beyond any chat plug-in currently available on the market. We’re the only Chat that is “Portable” and we help brands travel with the user and fit perfectly into their busy lives. With the ability to continue the conversation, it becomes easy to see how TapToBook could credibly double or even triple the conversion rate on your paid Google and Facebook investments. The future of customer communication is here. With portable chat, you’ll never lose a new visitor again.

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