Get Staff to Solve Minor Customer Problems & Issues on Their Own

How to Get Staff to Solve Minor Customer Problems

Inexperienced staff may come to you if issues arise which can set back your own work. Training them to handle minor customer problems and issues at the front desk can prevent unnecessary disruptions in management’s day to day tasks. Taking time to resolve under preparedness can increase staff efficiency in the long-run and thus positively benefit upper management.

If employees are running to you for every little holdup, issue, and concern then your time will be occupied explaining and possibly supervising their tasks. This is amplified if every employee does this it when it comes to a problem which can cause productivity backups and bottlenecking. As an owner or manager, it should be your main priority to train these staff members to better handle situations. Every little issue should not clog upper management’s time. However, this does not mean that owners and managers never listen to employee and customer concerns. Rather, nurturing employees to be independent (while keeping brand identity in mind) can help them think critically and take the initiative. After all, how employees handle inconveniences and issues is an indicator of their adaptiveness which then allows you to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you and upper management to look at the staff’s weakness and areas needing improvement, plan a course of action, and proactively resolve them.

Build a Team:

Of course, most employees cannot take on everything by themselves, however, there are a few that make it look easy. Train staff to openly communicate with one another about issues, setbacks, and assistance. All the employees will then be better aware of situations, gain experience, obtain peer support, and utilize each other’s strengths. This not only builds morale and teamwork but also unloads upper management’s plate. By building a team with strong communication and problem-solving skills, management should be able to see an increase in efficiency and value. Creating a solid team can also assist with training new employees and helping them integrate into the company culture easier. The more employees that you have that are self-sufficient and prepared, the easier your management over the entire operation can be.

The Result:

Improved customer service and strengthened expert image. Getting staff to solve issues on their own isn’t just productive and helpful for owners and managers it also improves customer service and brand image. Staff members that can easily, accurately, and quickly provide answers to a customer’s inquiry or concern seem more knowledgeable right off the bat. Customers who see this are then more willing to spend and return more frequently. Every customer loves a brand that is competent and a leading source of knowledge and fresh ideas. Therefore, turning your staff into brand representatives who emulate these qualities can vastly improve brand attractiveness. Clients gravitate toward businesses which listen to their issues and are quick with giving answers, that’s because customers have their own schedules and they do not have the time nor patience to wait for staff to come up with an answer. Increasing the competency of your staff is imperative to your brand image and, as stated earlier, your own projects.

A Supplement:

TapToBook offers Portable Chat as a feature to elevate customer service support. When employed, Chat allows staff members to answer questions clients may have online, even in the middle of checking out. Our Chat is fast connecting and portable – meaning it goes anywhere the client goes. This tool can provide added value and benefits to businesses by assisting staff with communicating and experiencing issues first hand. It is easily a fast-track path to successfully training them to handle several variables.

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