Tips to Keep Customers Happy and Coming Back

keep customer happy

It is important to remember that happy clients will be loyal which is advantageous later during lull periods. How you can keep customers happy? it starts by making and keeping them happy outside of using discounts.

Yes, discounts are a quick way to drive traffic and sales but, if used consistently, can eventually deteriorate a brand’s image. That is because businesses who provide too many discounts cheapen their brand and create discount-hunters (individuals only concerned with getting a deal with no loyalty to brands) which greatly reduce its’ overall value.

It’s Time to Get Personal:

Businesses that prioritize customers wants and desires are more likely to be successful than those that do not. Brands have shown wild success with intimate, relevant, and customized campaigns. This means getting to know your customers better and keeping notes about each one. This allows brands to begin making that human connection which elevates them in the customer’s mind. When customers feel special in a brand’s mind they begin to prefer that brand over the long run and suggest that other businesses follow suit. Talk about great word-of-mouth.

TapToBook has a built-in feature within Chat which allows businesses to write detailed notes about clients that stay for as long as you keep them, automatically dated and time stamped.

As stated earlier, customization boosts campaign relevancy and provides enormous benefits to businesses. Brands that understand the value of creating personalized experiences are better adapt to noticing changes in trends and adjusting their offers. Clients respond positively to campaigns that specifically targets them or offers something they want – which creates happier clientele.

All campaigns run by the TapToBook system allow for maximum customizability and control with straightforward navigation and campaign creation.

Reach Them with Improved Channels:

As time passes, customers have slowly abandoned traditional marketing campaigns such as direct mail, TV ads, cold calls, and emails and opted for a more modern channel. While online advertising is not new, competition over digital space is heated and placing Google ads is not enough. Businesses are getting smarter and utilizing online platforms with the most exposure and highest returns – social media.

TapToBook is integrated for direct Facebook posting and produces a SmartLink that can be posted on any social site and function like a checkout page. These SmartLinks can even be posted* on private Chat windows which are more direct, intimate, and efficient to send exclusive offers to customers.

*SmartLinks not necessary to promote an offer on Portable Chat (Questions? Ask us.)

Really Engage Customers:

Directly reaching out to customers whether via email, text, social, chat or in-app make a business seem more customer-centric, involved, and proactive. Contacting customers on either their first visit to the site or store, thanking them, or reminding them to come back are some examples of being hands-on. These businesses are easier for customers to communicate and transact with which reinforces the brand’s image in their mind as valuable and irreplaceable (if following our recommendations).

Our Portable Chat feature allows for immediate attention and interaction with clients on a person-to-person basis. This feature is a valuable tool to add to the arsenal.

After this, be sure to provide some kind of reward for customers that coming back regularly. Loyalty programs are a common reward system businesses establish but sometimes they can be hard to sell people on. In that case, offering complimentary perks can gain positive reactions from clients who will definitively rave about that. These are some ways brands can keep customers happy with them without offering discounts.

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