Boost Awareness for Your Med Spa Brand

Med Spa Marketing Tips

If a Med Spa has been in a location for some time and has yet to gain and retain traction in the community and local area then that brand should reconsider how they are presenting themselves to potential clients. Improving awareness levels by using these Med Spa Marketing tips with strong tools and tactics is a sure-fire way to increase traffic and revenue.

Increasing awareness is a natural step to achieving brand recognition which is critical to Med Spa brands who face growing competition. In a saturated industry, standing out with a unique and valuable brand is all businesses can do to survive. Making unique selling points no other competitor can provide can allow businesses to ask for higher prices and earn customer loyalty. These two attributes become incredibly important during slow periods or off days when expenses seem to loom and revenue is low. Building that recognition should be the #1 priority in order to reap its benefits when they are most needed. To boost a Med Spa’s brand awareness, businesses must follow these three steps.

Step 1: Fix Your Image:

Med Spas should try to make their brand as immediately recognizable as possible from name to logo while exuding excellence, professionalism, and expertise. Successful Med Spa’s maintain this standard every day to reinforce their brand identity among staff and clients. Businesses can provide the most cutting-edge service by asking clients what specific problems they have and resolving them whether it is a menu selection issue, unavailable service, checkout length, or issue with the booking support system. Successful Med Spas listen to these concerns and actively resolve them which assists in making clients feel heard and appreciated. This small gesture can do wonders by turning regular clients into raving brand enthusiasts who spread the good word of the Med Spa’s wonderful service.

Loyal repeat customers tend to spend on average 67% more per visit than new or casual clients.

Quick Summary of Step 1: Build loyalty through uniqueness and exceptional service.

Step 2: Maintain Consistent Social Marketing:

High-end Med Spas push promotional campaigns that are exciting, inviting, and irresistible but they do not use traditional marketing methods often. Great campaign results for these Med Spas are better procured through relevant campaigns launched through integrated platforms. Social media has helped Med Spas with their brand recognition online as the exposure on social allows for wider circles and more connection opportunities with users. Med Spas should present their brand in a clean and elegant way on any social platform. Consistency is key – colors, images, themes, styles, and tone must be unified. Every social profile should have a link to the brand’s website and/or most recent campaign with a CTA that encourages users to click on it.

TapToBook provides customizable campaigns and seamless social integration to expand brand exposure.

Quick Summary of Step 2: Social is the new marketing channel. Every social profile should resonate the same brand image.

Step 3: Use an Intelligent Tool:

Once they are sent to the desired location potential social users can then be prompted with a Chat box which connects the Med Spa staff to page visitors so they may convert leads. TapToBook provides the exact tool to do this through Portable Chat. Not only do Med Spas using TapToBook’s Portable Chat gain by utilizing another touch point to make connections and conversions but our Chat also surpasses any other system’s offering due to its Portable nature. By this, we mean clients engaged in a chat online can go from desktop (fixed) to mobile (on-the-go) without permanently closing the window to the staff member on the other side. Instead of losing connections and efforts made, Med Spa members can continue to engage with clients anywhere and continue conversations immediately, later, or weeks, even months from the first Portable Chat interaction.

Using TapToBook’s Portable Chat to raise awareness surrounding Med Spa brands has never been easier. This feature easily doubles as a converter for web and campaign traffic and is more effective than other systems.

Quick Summary of Step 3: Instead of static landing pages and general homepage drop-offs TapToBook’s Chat feature engages users and can convert them anywhere without losing connection.

Employing these steps are sure to raise awareness for any Med Spa because of their proactive involvement with clients. If a brand can try to put clients’ needs and conveniences in the forefront of their thinking they are more than likely to succeed. Focusing on these will present loyal customer bases and higher perceived value all stemming from exceptional customer-centric services and thinking.

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