The Type Of Customers You Will Meet In Any Industry

Type of customers

Customers’ wants and needs change on a person-to-person basis. It’s crucial to understand how to engage various customers by training your staff to recognize different type of consumers personas so they can approach these individuals with appropriate sales techniques. We give a breakdown of the most common customer personas you and your staff could potentially meet.

While we could segment customers by their gender, age, stage of life, lifestyle, occupancy, frequency of visits and include them in our breakdown it remains easier to look a handful of sample personas rather than try to take on the whole spectrum in one shot.

Why Can’t We Just Use a Script?

Not all customers fit one script and considering the multiple personality types there are, one script would, logically, never be enough. Scripts are great for new employees who need a guideline on how to speak to customers and how to upsell or cross-sell but scripts do your employees no justice beyond that. Think of your top salesperson, do they stick to scripts word for word or do they improvise and feel clients’ needs out before offering a customized solution for them. More than likely the latter because the need for intuitiveness and quick thinking is crucial to sealing a deal, especially if it is with an impulsive, impatient, or indecisive customer.

By analyzing and identifying common personas your staff will be better trained to handle a variety of shoppers. Better understandings of customers can help employees predict their needs and provide the smoothest interaction to facilitate or finalize a sale. We provide information on how to treat these customers, keep in mind when formulating a strategy to handle these clients that there is no single “right way” to approach a customer.


Typically identified as “just lookers”, these customers either enter your store randomly to kill time or out of curiosity. These customers may not have any purchasing intentions but that doesn’t mean you can’t persuade them. This customer is more than likely a potential customer and should be seen as one, with a word of caution: Do not jump on them with products and services the second they arrive. These clients should be given space until they request help, however, there is nothing wrong with greeting them, sharing your name, and offering assistance whenever they’re ready or providing brief information about at that moment.


These customers are out looking for the best deal whether it is through showrooming and visiting multiple businesses. While low prices may be the focus for these customers you can still gain sales by expressing added value. These customers need to be shown extra value for choosing your brand so explain how your brand is unique and better than competitors: Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? Was your business awarded for something recently? Give these customers the full treatment by going in-depth about your brand. These customers need to be nurtured and guided toward finalizing sales by emphasizing value.


These customers are on a mission right when they walk-in. They’ve got places to be or are very busy and they want to get in and get out. These customers need to be received with a greeting, minimal assistance, and direct answers only; these customers know what they’re after. More than likely, they will check out minutes after they arrive so clear the way for them and be prepared. Finalizing a sale with these customers tends to be smooth, so long as their shopping experience was simple and convenient. Tip: Clear all obstacles between them and checking out. In this case, open another counter.

These are the most common customers that you and your staff can expect to cater to. Understanding these types of customers will help employees better understand their needs and sell to these customers. While these are differing customer types, giving a diverse selection of examples can help you understand customers on the extreme end of the spectrum and everyone in-between just requires some tweaking.

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