The Future of Customer Communication

The Future of Customer Communication

Nothing is more essential for a business than to deliver a message and have customers respond well to it. However, when businesses rely on outdated methods like email they put their message at risk of being completely ignored.

Emails are the hardest and most saturated form of marketing, that is because of the sheer competition in a customer’s inbox from other brands, friends, family, and work. That is because those individuals have a priority in the consumer’s life, they have been given special access – and for that, anyone else other than these individuals are cast aside.

This is the reason brands struggle. Businesses will try to build relationships with these clients by email just to make themselves one of those brands that consumers want to hear from. But it is just a vicious cycle – spend to be seen, only to be ignored.

Many businesses fall victim to this cycle and pour time, money, and energy into emails to hardly get tangible results. Yes, open-rates are great – but what about click-throughs, what about conversion? These are the vital factors that equate real results.

Rather than fight your current emailing software, use a tool that was designed to get your message seen and conversions completed. The future of customer communication is here. Welcome, to TapToBook. Outside of improved email delivery with actionable campaigns and higher conversion rates, TapToBook also takes your message and transforms its capabilities.

Like a bullet, TapToBook bundles your message and hits consumers where they pay attention most – we’re talking about social media, text, and one-on-one chat. To get further details on exactly what we mean, we’ve built the perfect infographic to show you and businesses in any industry how we go beyond emails. Forget about being forgotten, make your brand a priority. Start employing a tool that delivers impressive ROI and results.

The future of customer communication

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After a campaign is produced, TapToBook aggressively captures sales through one-click 24/7 purchasing. Our highly customizable campaigns can be created and disseminated same day across text, email, and social media. 90% of our clients see results within 24 hours of a campaign launch.

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