Why Spending Money on Google Isn’t Working for Your Business

Why Spending Money on Google

Stop spending time researching keywords, creating ads, and spending money for efforts to never produce fruitful results. While many factors influence Google marketing results, ensuring no leakage is wholly within your control. Save those ad clicks from slipping by and guide them directly to where they need to go. When you have better options then why spending money on Google?

Buying traffic on Google is counterintuitive and allocating scarce resources to feed expensive Google budgets is nonsense. If you’ve fiddled with AdWords and PPC campaigns you understand the frustration often associated with its use. Being successful with Paid Searches is like aiming at a moving target whose motion is determined by countless factors. Failed campaigns provide little to no ROI, and after a few cycles spending is suspended. This alone has businesses irritated with the search network and it’s logical to be fed up – but it’s not all Google’s fault.

Google Can’t Do It All:

We ask too much. There, I’ve said it. We want Google to provide everything and become discontent when it doesn’t produce what we want. However, Google can only be as good as the user and their tools employed. Google does not have the complete capability to be a one-stop marketing shop, although it is getting close. Google is a sensitive machine who can only produce a desired output if it receives the required input. Eliminate spending money on generic high-cost keywords and pricey page ranking as they will not produce qualitative results. To get the most out of Google, you need to employ complementary or supplementary systems. These additions should have the capability to supercharge Google efforts.

Supercharge Google For Your Business:

Instead of continuing to pour money into Google just to hardly see significant returns, upgrade your Google marketing to get real results and impressive ROIs with TapToBook. TapToBook generates super-charged conversion-centric landing pages which often solve key errors that Google overlooks. While programs and software create pretty ads and campaigns they hardly help with making the conversion. Rather, they send users to your front page with no direction or actionable plan. This confuses users and if kept long searching will leave their cart behind.

Imagine if you can abandon solely funneling heaps of your business’s budget into correcting PPC campaigns and hoping your efforts work. Instead, you can rely on a system that assists Google in moving search traffic to completing sales. Co-marketing with Google, TapToBook can offer more consistent results and less expenditure, as well as, provide in-depth targeting and campaign analyses. This is due to corrective and helpful nature of TapToBook which provides comprehensible performance reports and recommendations.

What TapToBook Can Do for You:

When brands use TapToBook, customers are greeted with clean lines, simple easy-to-use layout, and beautiful designs whether on our unique landing/checkout page or campaign. We go above and beyond by creating campaigns for you and upon campaign creation, generate Smart Links that you can attach anywhere on any medium to supercharge your Google marketing with our landing pages.

TapToBook’s landing pages are built to act as checkout pages that are 100% customizable and convertible. TapToBook protects your investment in Google while supercharging your results by using sophisticated software. Our built-in conversion funnels will guide users towards an action that translates into revenue. Any traffic that reaches your campaigns get instantly be redirected to our optimized landing page to stop leakage in its tracks.

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After a campaign is produced, TapToBook aggressively captures sales through one-click 24/7 purchasing. Our highly customizable campaigns can be created and disseminated same day across text, email, and social media. 90% of our clients see results within 24 hours of a campaign launch.

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