Why Email Marketing is Dying a Slow Death

Email Marketing

Emails no longer successfully engage audiences much less provide steady Open and Click-through Rates. This has made it harder for marketers relying on this form of traditional marketing. Due to high competition from other brands and the likely probability that their efforts land in the spam box, email marketing is barely hanging on.

We Understand. We Did the Research:

Since 2014, North America’s average Open Rate has declined, meaning it’s even more difficult to grab a consumer’s attention. Desensitized readers know how to ignore noise – they’re masters at blocking “annoyances”. In fact, overall email marketing click-through rates, or CTRs, have slowly but consistently declined as technological advancements and online conveniences develop and grow. Marketing campaigns sent via email have a disadvantage engaging younger generations that grew up in a web-native environment. Technologically-savvy consumers consider emails ancient and out of date and with the commonplace of social media, search engines, and online shopping even mature individuals have become accustomed to these modern conveniences. Hardly any people care for their email, other than die-hard email users, because of the conveniences social walls and inboxes, texting, web-chat, and apps provide as communication channels.

Emails and most email marketing software cannot provide these conveniences and features in one central, sleek, and cost-efficient manner. In fact, emails were popularized due to its cost-effectiveness and were mass adopted by marketers. This, however, killed the channel due to the overwhelming influx of branded emails which greatly reduced the value of a business’s email to chump change. Nevertheless, businesses continue to pump out emails; hardly considering that consumers can banish unwanted emails directly to spam boxes or worse, unsubscribe. Unengaged or annoyed consumers is the main reason why response rates have dipped in recent years.

Not only that, emails produced from poorly-integrated marketing software are static and do not allow two-way communication – focusing the burden of qualitative and consistent relationship building to one-side.

Give Your Brand a Chance:

Email may be out – but there is still hope.

Consumers handpick and block out unimportant content, making the old format of marketing through traditional methods like email archaic. Consumers have come accustom to finding ways to bypass these nuances, annoyances, and disturbances. However, by using native marketing brands expose themselves and their campaigns to consumers in a natural, frictionless, and dynamic approach. Utilizing native push notifications that mobile apps and text messages offer, and posting on social media provides targeting in all directions and possible channels. Therefore, it is imperative to attack from every touch point, make lasting impressions, and create valuable engagement. TapToBook provides these multi-dimensional marketing capabilities and assists brands in strengthening their authenticity and customer relations. Emails need to work 10x’s harder to produce the results TapToBook provides effortlessly.

TapToBook is the solution with numerous delivery channels from text, email, social, mobile app and chat. Each are available and enhanced with TapToBook’s exclusive features such as Smart Links, 24/7 Purchasing Capabilities, and Campaign Insights. With this, ordinary channels get an extra boost. For example, TapToBook’s emails receive a 90% Open Rate and 25% Click-through Rate average. This is far above traditional email marketing. Grab attention using our unique features which can be used for effective reengagement and retargeting campaigns. Times have changed so much that technology must satisfy consumer behaviors and habits in order to reach and resonate with consumers. Marketing through native-applications fits the convenient lifestyle consumers gravitate toward.

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