How to Ace a Consultation and Get Clients to Book

Ace and Funnel Consultation Clients

Consultation essentially allow businesses to get their foot in the door during a client’s purchasing phase but oftentimes bad delivery, lack of enthusiasm, and listening skills lead to clients never booking the appointment. Fix the issue, immediately, with effective advice that will help you make those consultation conversions.

The goal of a consultation is to take the next step in the purchasing process and move clients from the brand awareness stage to the brand loyalty stage. Consultation is great for setting a brand’s tone, expectations, and learning about clients but can be counterproductive if clients never book. Instead of allocating whole time-slots for free consultations just for those leads to go cold, rewire how your consults are conducted.

How to Ace a Consultation and Get Clients to Book:

To ensure a smooth first-time consultation, businesses and their staff must remember several key aspects to acing and funneling consultation clients:

  • Understand What They Want – Before a consultation client walks through the door make sure your staff gathered as much information they could about the client and their expectations of the potential service. Understanding what a client wants to accomplish can help you explain the process and prepare.

Before their appointment, gather any samples, materials, pictures, videos, and comparable products or treatments that you can share with them to help them better understand the service they are looking for and how your brand can help them achieve their goal.

  • Make Them Feel Comfortable – When a consultation client walks through the door be sure your staff offers them water, coffee, snacks, or cookies upon checking-in. These small treats are great for breaking the ice and paired with a pre-consultation appointment text can make them feel more comfortable and at home.

Ensuring the client feels welcome before you begin your consultation will warm up the waters and smooth the process. A warm friendly environment that appears to put customers first is an important value and aspect for clients.

  • Show Them Why Your Brand is Different – This step is vastly important, this the time to really listen to your client’s concerns and questions so you may provide them with your full knowledge and expertise.

Oftentimes, providing extra information on a service or can reassure clients that you are better qualified and more helpful. This really makes a difference, especially if they’ve already visited other stores to compare services. Sharing your inner-expertise and details of your service and products can set your brand apart from ones who may be offering the service for a lower price but have less skilled or colder staff.

  • Ask Them If They’re Ready to Schedule – Once you’ve answered the client’s questions and thoroughly explained the service process, why your brand is special in delivering the service, and the service’s benefits, ask for the sale. Do this by presenting the client with the next possible availability of the service*.

It is important to not hesitate in asking the client if they would like to schedule for the service after you’ve spent the time to explain what it was, its benefits, and costs. If you allow for the moment to pass it becomes harder to finalize and close the sale.

*(Be sure to collect this available information before their arrival)

  • Remember to Connect – If the client indicates that they will book on another day or unsure and do not want to commit to a brand yet, ask if you may contact them in a few days to follow up. In this step, you must collect their client contact information in order to contact them at a later time. This information should include a personal phone number or email. Be sure to ask them when it would they prefer to be contacted by phone, in the morning or afternoon.

It’s important to follow-up in a few days** as buying impulses weaken as time goes on and after more than a week the client more than likely would have moved on to a different brand.

**(One-week maximum)

However, following these steps should have allowed for your brand to make a significant impact on the client from setting a warm inviting brand tone to the knowledgeable brand attitude they can trust and rely on. Even if the client had not booked the service before they left, the client still gave the brand permission to contact them later which brings hope to businesses. This permission-based follow up allows for more successful re-targeting and conversions.

The Follow-up:

This step is the most crucial if the client didn’t book during their consultation. The follow-up allows your brand the chance to try closing the sale with the client one more time. After an appropriate amount of time has passed since the client’s consultation, write them a follow-up email or call their personal cell phone number choose either method provided to you by the client.

Be sure that in whatever method you choose to contact them that you are as warm and inviting as you were the first time with them. If you were the one to consult the client, the follow up’s success becomes amplified. Not only will this be handy if the client has a few more questions but this will also allow the client to feel more secure, honest, and open about their decision.

To wrap up the follow up you should offer the next availability for the service they were consulted about, as well as, an incentive. This incentive can be a special TapToBook campaign in the form of a small discount, package deal, or free add-on with their service. Incentives allow the brand to give that extra push and chance to see what will make the consultation client convert into booking. Learning what makings clients convert in a follow-up can be highlighted and applied during other follow-ups. These enhanced methods can assist you and your brand in properly funneling consultation clients and converting free assessments into booked services and sales.

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