The Best Front Desk Script to Send Your Staff

Best Front Desk Script

Impressions matter; your staff is the first and last point of contact clients have with your brand before they leave. That’s why it’s important to arm your staff with best front desk script that contain ideal keywords and phrases that will inevitably boost your business’s bottom line, set you apart from the competition, and keep clients coming back for more.

How your staff interacts with guests on the phone, walking-in, and checking-out can mean the difference between your business succeeding long-term or prematurely failing. That is why it is important to make clients that walk through your doors feel so special and blown away by their experience that they rave about your business to their friends and family.

For this, you will need to provide your staff with the resources to remain confident, consistent, and maintain focused delivery on your services, products, and total brand experience.

Feel free to utilize these scripts that will instantly turn your staff into an engaging and invaluable personal sales team.

On-the-Phone Script:


“It’s a great day at _____, how can I help make you smile today?”

“Love is in the hair at _____, this is _____, how may I assist you?”

“Thank you for choosing _____, this is _____, how may I help you today?”

“Fall into color at _____, this is _____ speaking, how can I assist you this [morning/evening]?”

“The holidays are coming at _____, how may I be of service?”

“With all the choices you have, we truly appreciate you choosing _____, how can I assist you today?”

Setting-up an Appointment:

Client: I would like to make an appointment with _____.

Staff: “It would be my pleasure. When would you like to come in? “

Client: Tuesday, July 21st at 6:00 PM.

Staff: “Good, we have you set with _____, on [Repeat Day of the Week, Month, Date, and Time]. May I schedule you with our expert [ _____ specialist/technician/masseuse] for a [touch-up/treatment/massage/etc.] as well?”

Client: Oh, what is that _____ service?

Staff: [Is encouraged to be as detailed and extensive on the benefits of interested service to client.]

Client: [Accepts or declines extra service]

Staff: “Alright, [perfect/no problem] well we have you all set for your upcoming appointment. Thank you for calling us at _____, have a wonderful rest of your day!”

(Phone calls are a powerful place to make businesses money by up-selling add-on services and upgrades to current appointments)

Check-in and Walk-in Script:

Appointment Check-in:

Staff: “Welcome to _____, how can I help?”

Client: Hi, I am here for _____, at 6:00.

Staff: “Excellent! Yes, I will let _____, know you’re here, immediately. May I get you something to drink [latte/cappuccino/tea/hot cocoa/cocktail] or a [magazine/stylebook] to flip through while you wait? “

Client: No, thank you.

Staff: “By chance have you seen our new _____, line yet? We have added a few new [colors/products/services]. If you would like me or a [technician/artist/etc.] to show them to you right quick while you wait for _____, we’d be happy to assist.”

Walk-in Welcome:

Staff: “Welcome to _____, how can I assist you?”

Client: Hi, do you have any availability for a _____ today? Sorry for showing up last minute, I’ve never been here before.

Staff: “That’s no problem Ma’am. Yes, I see we have an opening at _____, does that work well for you?”

Client: Yes, thank you!

Staff: “Since it’s your first time here why don’t I give you a quick tour of our facilities and show you some of our products and services?” [Provide first time guests with a hot scented towel or sample product like hand lotion. Now is the best time to mention additional services or services that complement the one they are about to receive while the new client waits for their first appointment]

Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, and Add-on Script:

Up-Selling More Expensive Services:

“_____, is available for a [basic service]. However, we do have availability for a [more expensive service], which includes a longer focus on [any paint points/specific benefit], and a [detox mask/rejuvenating body scrub/relaxing wrap]. I would be more than happy to enhance your [massage/body treatment/service] today.”

Cross-Selling Services:

“Ok _____, you are all set for your [service] at [time of service]. We are currently offering 15% off our [complementary service] if you have extra time. I would be happy to book you for a [complementary service] right after your [scheduled service].”

Add-On Service Suggestion:

“Hey _____, here is a menu of our enhancements that pair well with your [service]. Our most popular is [simple add-on service explained with great detail and many benefits for the client] It’s only an additional $5. I can add it on at this time if you’d like.”

Check-out Script:

“How did you enjoy your [service] today? Would you like to enter your name into a drawing for a free service?”

“How was your [service] today? I see you purchased a [product] from us, how are you doing on [product]?”

“Did you enjoy your [service] with _____? Great! Your next appointment would be [date and time] may I schedule your next appointment for you now? “

Handling Customer Concerns:

“We noticed you came in this [morning/evening] in a rush, would you like us to arrange a [local lunch/dinner delivery or Starbucks drink] to enjoy while your being taken care of?”

“_____ is running a bit behind and we apologize… _____, thank you so much for waiting, we would like to offer you a gift [future service or product gift] that you can use [at home or] for [a free/complementary service] on your next visit.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that _____, but am thankful that you expressed your concerns to me as your thoughts are important to us. I will write down exactly what you told me and speak with the manager and salon owner about this issue today.”

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