Improve Your Business’s Instagram Reach

Instagram Reach

Studies show that an average 30% of an Instagram account’s content reaches its current followers. If you’re having difficulty reaching current followers you won’t meet potential users easily either. Instagram Reach is important to businesses, it means having a front row seat at connecting with current and potential followers. Improving fan reach means more of your posts will meet existing and unique users.

Instagram utilizes an algorithm to present content in user’s feed and populate the explore page. This algorithm directly effects the potential reach of your content; therefore, you can easily turn around and use this exact algorithm to expand your reach further than before.

First, Improve Engagement:

  1. Use Videos, Stories, and Live Videos – Video posts have a tendency to make users stop mid-scroll. Curiosity naturally keeps them locked in while videos load and play. There you only have a few seconds to ‘wow’ them before they move on. Experiment with video features like Instagram Stories and Live Videos as they can intrigue users to tune in.
  2. Post Once a Day at Peak Times – Don’t suffocate your existing followers, the worst thing to do is come across as desperate. You can instead, post once a day and target users when they are most active during peak hours. The lifespan of a post is 4-5 hours. Afterwards, posts become buried under fresher content.
  3. Use Relevant Hashtags – Avoid the use of excess hashtags that stuff your post’s caption. Opt for hashtags that are relevant to your industry, brand, and post. Keep them short and sweet, after all, no one searches for or uses particularly long hashtags. Be cautious to not use numerous irrelevant hashtags or else Instagram will shadowban your posts so they are blocked from everyone.
  4. Host a Photo Contest – Generate engagement from users by creating a contest where followers can submit their own photos. Craft a custom hashtag that users will attach to the photos so you and others can find them.Remember to ask users to tag your business account so you can keep track of all the entries and users participating.
  5. Share User Sourced Content – Once you close entries for your contest, post as many of the best photos as you can and tag users who made the final cut. This shows your followers that you value them and they’ll strive for the chance to be seen next time. Tag your followers that won your contest so they’ll be notified and given credit, they’ll want to engage in the next contest you promote.
  6. Ask People to Tag a Friend – You can go beyond your current followers and reach potential users by asking users to their tag friends in posts and contests. You will gain more engagement and eyeballs from doing this. These friends that are exposed to your content may become followers themselves.
  7. Add Instagram Feed To Networks Like Facebook – Interlink your social accounts to display your Instagram page as a tab on your Facebook account. The added exposure of your Instagram account to your business Facebook page. This seamlessly directs Facebook fans to your Instagram page so they can easily follow your business’s other social account.

Secondly, Measure Your Organic Reach:

It is important to track what you do. Start by creating various reports that measure your current engagement and reach. This will set a benchmark to measure future metrics against. Produce business goals with reasonable timelines that your Instagram can reach, then review your Instagram efforts every few weeks. You can easily view your analytics regularly in Instagram’s native app and adjust as necessary.

These efforts will result in greater fan reach and organic reach, as well as, exposure on the explore page.

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