How to Outsmart Facebook Algorithm

Facebook algorithm has given businesses cold sweats, overnight. Brands and business pages must stay visible to reach their intended audience, and most would like to do so without spending on post promotions and paid advertising and we know how.

Crafting posts for maximum engagement is an art. First, you must understand what posts rank the highest, then, what type of content drives users to engage with it. As simple as it sounds, it begins to get complex as you factor in multiple indicators, types of content, and individual user preferences.

Facebook’s News Feed can only show users a limited number of posts and only chooses to show what it deems as the most relevant content to each user. Relevant content is determined by user’s scrolling habits, previous post interactions, and individual interest.

The Secret’s Out:

We have created a formula for posts to use as a guideline to maximize their engagement:

  • Encourage – Post content, images, and videos that push users and encourage them to keep going. Whether it is reminding your fans that their huge to-do list isn’t too difficult to crush and complete or that bad days happen to everyone and they’re not defined by single mistakes.
  • Motivate – It’s not every day that we wake up feeling our best and ready to take on the world. Sometimes we drag ourselves to get things done and often need a boost of energy. Create posts that motivate users to push through the rest of the day and give it their all to reach their goals.
  • Inspire – Life inspires people and individuals who feel inspired tend to express themselves louder, in this case, they tend to share more. Businesses can broadcast on Facebook Live to drive views and engagement. Live Videos are a great way to spread a message, share an authentic moment, and/or offer sneak peek behind-the-scenes content. Users tend to spend 3xs more timewatching Live broadcasts than traditional videos on Facebook which is a great reason for you to start experimenting with Live content to boost your organic reach.

Pro-tip: Advertise your Live broadcasts on different platforms to generate buzz beforehand, then broadcast for several minutes to help your Live Video to stay in high ranks on Facebook’s News Feed.

  • Entertain– Users engage with and share entertaining content, like animals acting silly things, beautiful sceneries, and wholesome family fun DIY projects. Facebook has shown that videos are highly engaging as users are more likely to stop, watch, and maybe even unmute when they spot them in the News Feed. Craft videos with captions, attention-grabbing animations, and engaging visuals to draw in Facebook users’ attention, even if it’s for a few seconds.

According to a recent study by quintly: Native Facebook videos have a 186% higher engagement rate and are shared more than 1000% more than videos linked to from other hosting sites. Meaning, it is worthwhile to take the extra step to publish videos and content directly on Facebook.

Urge fans at every moment to engage with your posts when they see them, so they can see more of them in the future by adding simple reminders like “Please Like and Share”.

You can also take this time to remind fans that they can view content from your page by clicking on Page Feed on the left-hand side of their News Feed, as well as, ask them to turn on their notifications and update the priority level.

Why Use This Formula:

There is a direct connection between posting encouraging, motivating, inspiring and entertaining posts and attaining a strong social presence. Businesses meet their goals when they understand the order Facebook’s algorithm sets their published content in the News Feed.

This means, businesses must be aware of the way their posts are ordered and appear to users, as ranking and placement are determined by how your users responded previously to similar posts.

Growth takes time; all posts moving forward should be optimized to attain maximum engagement from users to further promote and solidify the ranks of future posts.

Ensure you’re being proactive, instead of reactive by tracking the engagement levels of your page and posts and adjusting content to reap maximum benefits.

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