Frictionless Mobile Uploading

Mobile Uploading

Unless you’re an expert in mobile uploading, converting and exporting files between devices, you’re more than likely to store customer contacts in an easily-navigable space – like a mobile phone. At first, having multiple clients in your phone may seem like a great idea but manually entering in each individual contact later can be tedious, and the time spent counter-productive.

If you have tried purchasing software online to assist in mobile uploading  or your list to your database, you’re aware of the shocking price some ask.

Most companies send your information through a complicated route that can create many errors and even hold your contact list hostage in their server where you can only access your list by calling the company directly.

For software that only has one feature and potentially one use, the hassle and price tags attached are outrageous.

Use Smarter Software:

Integrate and utilize a tool that works with you, not against you. Your time is precious and should not be spent on hold with customer service. Arm yourself with a system that allows you to easily upload your client list straight from your phone without the trouble of inputting information into a CSV file or dealing with flawed software.

At TapToBook, we enable direct information transfers that you can personally oversee. Be 100% in control of who you want to integrate into your database and have immediate access to your customer data at your fingertips.

Our system allows you to:

  • Specify which mobile contacts you would like to upload
  • Send customer contact lists straight to your database in a matter of seconds
  • Easily add and remove contacts online with no need to call
  • Customize and segment your list however you like

No other company provides this kind of flexible feature.

Liberate Yourself from Menial Tasks:

At TapToBook, our main concern is making the daily lives of business owners easier. We help businesses grow and maintain their contact list, simply for the sake of better business practices.

We also freely provide multiple features to our clients and have found that our unique and simple mobile upload feature is a blessing to owners who are tired of calling customer service representatives and want an easy solution.

TapToBook’s Countless Uses:

Our goal is to empower owners with the finest technology so they can make better decisions as time goes on by feeding them easy to understand analytics. This way, businesses can see how their clients prefer to be reached and which channel works best for them.

Friction less mobile uploading is just the tip of the iceberg. Sign up and see for yourself how TapToBook can increase the daily functionality of your business.

Increase Sales within 24 hours of signing up!

Our software is designed to generate revenue for your business while reducing extra costs.

After a campaign is produced, TapToBook aggressively captures sales through one-click 24/7 purchasing. Our highly customizable campaigns can be created and disseminated same day across text, email, and social media. 90% of our clients see results within 24 hours of a campaign launch.

So, what are you waiting for..